To get you in the zone for this weekend’s MLG Anaheim, we’re presenting our official re-cap of last month’s MLG Columbus featuring on-site footage and interviews with professional players Tsquared, Fnatic.Kawaiirice, EG.Machine and OpTic.Rambo.

 We’ve prepared a list of the SteelSeries players attending MLG Anaheim, and where you can follow them, below.

SteelSeries players attending MLG Anaheim:

Team Evil Geniuses StarCraft II:

  • IdrA
  • iNcontroL
  • Machine

Team Fnatic StarCraft II:

  • Fenix
  • KawaiiRice
  • TT1
  • Rain

OpTic Gaming Call of Duty Black Ops:

  • BigTymeR
  • MerK
  • Rambo
  • JKap

Get your live updates here:

Enjoy your action packed weekend. :)

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